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26 May

New Python-Based Malware CosmicEnergy Threatens Industrial Systems

HexaFusion’s research team has been closely following the developments around a newly identified malware that poses a significant threat to industrial systems. Named CosmicEnergy, this disruptive malware has been linked to the Russian cybersecurity firm Rostelecom-Solar, which was formerly known as Solar Security. Unmasking the CosmicEnergy Threat CosmicEnergy primarily targets IEC-104-compliant remote terminal units (RTUs), […]

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Young Asian female researcher looking in microscope
24 May

Zero-Day Vulnerability Breach: Barracuda’s Prompt Response to Secure Email Gateway Appliances

In a critical cybersecurity development, Barracuda, a well-established provider of email and network security solutions, encountered a security breach. The breach was due to a zero-day vulnerability found in the email attachment scanning module of the company’s Email Security Gateway (ESG) appliances. The vulnerability was identified on May 19 and promptly mitigated by deploying two […]

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23 May

Stealthy Cyberattacks Breach U.S. Critical Infrastructure: A Look at the Volt Typhoon Campaign

Critical infrastructure organizations across the United States have been under a stealthy cyberattack. The culprit? A Chinese cyberespionage group that Microsoft has been tracking under the name “Volt Typhoon”. These attacks, which have been ongoing since mid-2021, have targeted a diverse range of sectors from government and maritime to education and manufacturing. The hackers have […]

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